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Monster sprite

i cant find any monster sprites on the internet [IMG]


try this

Lady Serenity

awesome page...
Im Just A Noob ^__^'


Lady Serenity wrote:
awesome page...
me to


it is a good site to find equip,monster and some other things:

Typhoon Omi

Another great spot would be Pixelation.

Pixelation. <-- T3h Link.


Or download the GRFTool, open the RO data.grf and type the name of the monster's sprite u need... save the .spr of the monster, download a spr conview then convert the .spr to .bmp and there u have the full monster sprites sheet.

Hope this help you, salutes.


I have got a better idea.

Mabe can that help
The user has permanently left the site.

Rindesei help me alot too, although you have to screenshot the moving monsters its very helpful.
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