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How do you guys do this?

Studio 8

i was wondering what program are you using guys! can you shar it to me?

can you give me some guides??

if you can make me a guides it would be great to me!



I only use regular Paint for my edits... and use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 to make things transparent.

I like editing everything pixel by pixel. o.O


Meh, I edit things pixel by pixel. ^^; I prefer Photoshop, though, for the different tools/color choices/layers/etc.

In Photoshop, I usually copy the original sprite to a 100 x 100 pixel canvas (nice and roomy). Then I create a new layer on top of the sprite, and begin targeting different areas for color to get the feel for different values of saturation. After I make a palette layer, I create another new one and begin painting on top of the sprite with the pencil tool.

I usually make a dark outline of the general shape, fill it with a midtone, then start graduation the color up and down to create shadow. After that, I got back over the outline with lighter colors to lower contrast.

I hope that helps!
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