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Hello ^_^ Some quick questions.

king knives

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site, have read all the rules, ect and looked over alot of the pics of sprite edits. First I wanted to say everyone here does a great job when it comes to spriting, I myself am a relitivly noob spriter, but keep getting better with experence. I hope to be able to post some of my personal sprite edits here in the future and hope to be able to perhaps make a few new spriting friends.

I will go ahead and say that I too have seen many of the sprites here floating around on the internet, in places that they clearly shouldnt be, as I am sure most of you have noticed. I would also like to go ahead and say for the record, no, I currently do not play RO, nor do I play on ne PServer at this time, though I have experemented with both at one time or another.

I just have a few, which I am sure are noob, questions but I wanted to be clear on a few things before I end up presumming things.

My first question is if someone uses the programming for a PServer, but removes all of the content (i.e. changes it all, maps, names, sprites, ect) is it still considered a PSever or is that considered a new type of game?

My second question is that though the sprites themselves that people have done here are not allowed to be stolen, ect, is it still considered stealing if someone likes a certain idea and incorporates that idea into their own personal spriting?

For example, I noticed several sprites which had a "bloody" content to them, which in and of it'self the concept I like, and wouldn't mind using a bloody style on a few of the sprites I've already done. It simply wasnt something I thought of previously when doing these sprites, but feel the effect would be suitable in certain cases.

For an example of my PSever question, I know several people via chatrooms, forums, what have you, which have a very large dream, and that is to completely make the world given to PServer users via eathena, freyia, ageis and nething else, into a brand new type of game. Several of my friends have gone thus far into great lengths to redo various aspects of the game, including redoing all headgear, all items, all monsters, and many maps, along with adding various things that normally arnt found in the RO world (for example one guy I know spent 2 months making a storyline base for his version of the "new untitled game" he was working on. It was explained to me that just the story line part of the game would rival that of normal offline RPGs as far as length. Basicly he tested it on a few of his irl friends and it took most of them upward of +60 hours to complete, which doesnt include side stories he through in, nor does it include other quests ect). So in situations where people go to great lengths to change as much of the world in an RO PServer to where it is really not much of an RO game anymore, is that still considered a PServer.

I would like to let everyone know that yes, I've thought about helping a specific friend with a project like this, but am still setting on the fence as I'm not one to want to put forth an extreame effort if due to the game's basic program it's still considered RO, as I would like to some day do spriting in a professional way.

I just had one more question based on the sprites which already exist o this site. If I was to want to use a specific sprite which is created by another person, for a personal reason, I would be more than glad to ask the creator and honor their wishes, weither it boads good or bad for what I was thinking about. However, since I am new here, I havnt quit figured out how to send a message to anyone or e-mail someone about permission to use, ect. So if someone could clue me in on that part, perhaps I overlooked it somewhere, but I would greatly appreciate it.

I will ask kindly that noone who reads this and replies jumps all over me n yells, ect for a few reasons, one being that I am new here and do wish to establish my works here and be a part of this community, and another reason is simply that I am being honest in my post and asking questions before I assume anything. I know a large variety of ppl here frown upon PServer talk, and probibly people who have at one time played on, or ran a PServer, or atleast that is what I got out of a few posts which I had read. Fact of the matter is I'd love to be able to create a new type of game as described in my question, and I do like certain aspects of some rare PServers that I used to be on, simply because it gave a bit of variety to me. I asked that I please do not get yelled at as I do not see why my views, past experences or questions would offend or upset anyone as I had the curtisy to ask them instead of assuming one thing or another.

I'm sure you all can tell that just from my last statments that I've been screamed at, made fun of, ect for similar questions on other RO sprite related sites. I really like this community, things seem very fair as far as rules go, and it seems to have a very large group of very talented spriters, which I would one day like to be included into. Well, I hope to be able to recieve the answers to my questions, and sincerely hope that I'll be able to stay here and post some works of mine and become a memeber of the communtity ^_^.

Thank you all very much for the time you took to read over my post, and thank you again for having a wonderful comunity with talented people. Hope to hear back from everyone soon ^_^.
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