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!!!DISCLAIMER!!! (Simn please make it a Sticky)


Since one Pserver used the sprites we made, I will write down a short disclaimer on the usage of the sprites:

It is forbidden to use the sprites posted here for any
- Pserver
- Avatar
- Signature
- any other visualization

without permission of the author.

If we see sprites on a Pserver, we will do everything to report it to Gravity Corp. / BHI (for euRO) and to make it close, even though it might take some time.

It is forbidden to upload sprites of our users to other homepages if those sprites are not made by yourself.
If you see someone use our sprites somewhere, please report it here and we will try to do everything possible about it.

The purpose of this site is to upload and show your selfmade sprites, it is NOT a database for sprites for free use since the respective owners of the sprites never intended to give them away fro free use.

EDIT: This is also valid for all previously cases of abusing our sprites.
Naki - 9x/6x Assassin Cross
NaIa - 99/50 Assassin
Naiy - 7x/4x Assassin
Baby Naki - 7x/4x Baby Assassin
Navu - xx/xx Thief


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