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Help me please, I'm not able to upload my spr


Well, I was trying to upload my edited sprites... but when I click the upload button... it sends me to the main page and I see no uploaded pic
Help me please...
Thank you
Kore demo shitsuji DEATH★!


Now I see ._.
Sorry for making this thread... >_>

GOMEN ._.I didn't notice the "wait for the pic to be approved by the mods >_>"
SORRY i'm a newbie here... I didn't know how it worked ._.

TwT I sent the pic like 5 times lol....
Kore demo shitsuji DEATH★!


Btw... How do I delete a thread ? ._.
Sorry if this sounds noob... but I'm new here and this forum doesn't seem to work as the other foruns I've been through :x

Alguém poderia me dizer como deletar esse tópico ._.? pweease !~

Kore demo shitsuji DEATH★!


Unfortunately you can't delete a thread.

If we did have the option to delete, a lot of unnecessary (and rather old) threads could be deleted.
The user has permanently left the site.
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