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Zombies? Zombies!


So, the short of this is just wondering if anyone happened to find any zombified character sprites (ideally first classes, but I'm not too picky) that have been fixed up in mob format.
That being said, I'm rather doubting there's a pack of free floating spr/acts hanging around that would save me the trouble of making it myself, but thought it might be worth asking...even if there a few things for reference to see what I do and don't like.
For instance I liked Han-Da's undead creator, basically just things like that would be nice too.

Now, that bit aside and assuming I'll have to make them myself...where do you guys usually start if you're making a sprite? Do you just jump right into tracing out the body pose, do you usually just modify the sprites you have, do you sketch out what you're going to make freehand then translate that to pixels?
I'm mostly just curious on that point. I tried poking at one of the tutorials posted but the link was dead.

...also, this forum doesn't seem to be all that active, hopefully this isn't going to be one of those "wait 6 months to get a response" sort of things...

Anywho, thanks!
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