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REQUEST & SUGGESTION: Why did noone think of t


I thought that someone could make an Alien and a Predator Sprite! xD Start now before I do it myself!

But otherwise, I thought we could have contests, it would make people react a little, because I haven't seen a lot of motion around here. ;S We need some updates! Makes us a 'See More' button for the Sprites that cannot be seen due to overwhelming uploads! Let's make RO Sprite a little more active.


I know this was posted over a year ago, but I agree! This site needs to be more active! It has great potential, but it needs us to keep it alive! Maybe have a "Featured" section for future contest winners or something. Or perhaps a voting section for those who want their sprites rated. Guys, what do you think?
Am I a whale or an antelope?


The problem with all that is that I would always have to convince Simn first to do anything cause he is actually not working on this anymore at all...

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