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Lack of new sprite work and activity.


I know there is no need for this, but I kinda feel it's worth it, atleast to myself.

I think it's kind of sad that there is a lack of activity on this forum now, I regret not getting into this several years sooner back when RO was still booming and there was a steady flow of spriters, animators, and designers.

I am however glad that a place like this is still around with the closing of RO Sprite related sites.

It's nice to view peoples artwork and ideas, but it's sad that it all seems long forgotten.

Well that is it for me..I'll still be around to scavenge what I can I suppose.


Legend of the second brah. People are pumped for that.


I think there's still many sprites going around since I have 3 pending ones from last month(unusually long) so I think the other spriters also have pending sprites to be approved by simn.
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