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PLS TELL HOW YO MAKE GIF pics look good


pls tell how to make pictures look good on MS paint
everytime i save it it always look ugly..... plsss replay
wahhh i would really be hppy when i know it


Edit it some more

or save it at another like .GIF or .JPEG then it will said that the picture will look different or something then just accept then look again . Its more uglier or better


Well, you can only upload here .GIF and .JPEG pictures.

What you need is GIMP, Photoshop or any other software programms to have better quality. I prefer using Photoshop, but it is a better idea to download GIMP.
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i know how i upload it to photobucket download the pic and then it turns a JPEG yay its now a pixeled type yay



but when u upload it here it turns a gif and its ruined lol


you don't have to make anything look good
just steal gif from japanese pictures like what you're doing right now


meh just use the blaze gif maker.. it doesnt ruin the color tabe
noob here
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