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RO-Spriters (new deviant art group)


Hi everyone!

I hope this is okay to advertise a deviant art group if not my apology pq(^-^).

RO spriters is a group dedicated to ragnarok online sprites and customizations. I hope to recruit all kind of spriters from all around to join this new group! If you love RO and you make all sort of custom stuff related to the game, this group is for you! Display and share your work with others who have the same interests as you.

I would love to get all sort of spriters to join, so anyone who make;

- hats
- gears
- any customization ingame
- maps
- graphic enhancements (auras, loading screens, characters selection screens, etc)
- or simply customization of RO related stuff

So join, watch or contribute!

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