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What graphics software do you use?


Mostly I'm using MS Paint ~ although it's very simple I achieve best results :)
For things like transparency HyperSnap DX is my application of choice.

...and what's your favorite? :>


Yeah Paint rulez! (ah well you know my opinion~)
I don't have a very good software so I mostly work with it but it's... perfekt. It has all the features I need. For transparency, I use XnView (<3 Tutorial@Rocards).


I use Adobe Photoshop 8.0 CS if I ever do something with graphics. Other than that, I "draw" weird things in Macromedia Flash MX. X)


I use Paint, Photoshop Elements 2, Photoshop 5.0 LE, XnView, PhotoImpact 6 and Paint Shop Pro 7. :3

Yea.. A lot of programs. XD
I mostly use Photoshop Elements. ^^ But PhotoImpact is GREAT for making texts~
. . .


I use Adobe Photoshop 8.0 CS too and sometimes paint. And to view all my colletions of pics with Xnview.
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i just use paint shop pro 9 o.o~


Adobe Photoshop 7 and ImageReady, but maybe I can get CS :3
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Photoshop, MS Paint, almost any graphic tool can be used. ;)


Photoshop&ImageReady 7.0.1


adobe photoshp cs


Paint o_o Sometimes Adobe when i need to change some color chemes or add background / transparency. But mostly paint o_o Why use the 1337 Ubar program for insignificant sprites o_o"


psp (almost all the way)
easy-to-use gif-animator with fast-export/import to psp
for extra "magic" pshop..
mcm, for some sfx-copywork of consolegames (havent done any mixture of this with rosprites yet..)
aw..and spriterotator, since in rotating of sprites both "pro" progs psp and pshop totally suck ;)


what's photoshop elements?

urm i use photoshop cs..


Its another version of PHotoshop i think, its alot like the usual Photoshop... probably just another name. I have PS 7,0 and Elements 2,0 too but i dont really see alot of differences so i supose its the same


Photoshop 7.0, and ImageReady 7.0 for anigifs. I used Flash to draw the spider legs for Evolution, and to create the shooting game (in one of threads here.) I am now playing with POV-RAY and Ragnarok textures.
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Paint and Paint.NET
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Paint. Photoshop Elements 2.0 and Microsoft gif animator for small animations.




Photoshop, paint and if needed for transparency Irfan View

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Humm, I'm using Photoshop CS2 right now, for the animation I'm using ImageReady CS2..

But if I want to edit per-pixel, then I'll use paint


using paint, graphics gale, photoshop, ro pal, rosprtoolkit, and ufx.

if you guys haven't used ufx, try it for pallets. it's also pretty good if you are into photography
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Sakura200 for sprites...
paint to get a preliminary design
programms like grf tool or spr viewer for some sprites or sth

and photoshop but the beginning it is so difficult to master this prog xD


well.. only photoshop 07, photoshop cS 3, and imageready 07 XD


Paint Shop Pro 7 from Jasc O_O... SO OLD OMG.


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