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Anime related sprites ?


Has anyone seen any links or made any anime related sprites ? If so please contact me! I need some new weapons or just cute headgears for my server that is in progress if anyone would be so kind ^^;;

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i know a site that has a fistfull dot hack related ro-sprites.
the site is very old, and hasn't been updated for like 2 years, so i guess you won't be able to ask for the girls permission to use her sprites.
you propably can't use her sprites but maybe they inspire you or anything, at least don't take her sprites without any permission.

maybe check out marcipans sprite edits on this page here, she made some tales of symphonia sprites i think.
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Go Here.
Then go to DOT->hanken2
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i dont get it? cant find the DOT->hanken2

does anyone know where i can find naruto sprites?


OMG u guys r life savers!! Thank You!
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