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R.U.N.E is dead now, because some people got there grubby little hands on some of Happy's sprite while she doesn't get any profit, along with some other's good custom work by many other good users on that forum. I kinda feel very sorry for that forum, I really did like it but they had way too many vultures there that snuck in stole there stuff and they had to shut down for god knows when. I know thats not the only case , I'm sure there are other reasons as well perhaps funding to keep the forum up.

Been wondering though if this place will update soon? It need some kind of update, hate scrolling down to make a topic.


Isn't it suppose to re-open? Before it actually closed, there was this thread in which the actual discussion of what would be better for RUNE to be 'after' the update. It's normally just offline for some time. And will hopefully have better ways to protects artist's works.


I see.

But what about this place though, will this place get a update?


I hope so.
I've made a thread about getting this website more mods, and therefore, try to update more often. But I guess we all need to have a concrete discussion with Simn.


R.U.N.E was closed temporaly because none of the admind have time right now.
Both Usako and Rico are drowning in college stuff , Jman is busy with EA and
A17 has personal problems to attend first.
Because of that way things have turned on rune (the vultures and their drama over downloads) the sites need more work but none has time, thus it had to be closed temporaly.

Happy's work was abilable on her site since the begining, so they most likely got the sprites from there.


it's was the best sprite or Custom Share site of the World!!
I still missing it.


Yakuu wrote:
it's was the best sprite or Custom Share site of the World!!
I still missing it.

I was thinking of moving there. lol but now it's gone, oh well.
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