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Hello, newbie here :D


Well, I made this account some minutes ago, I saw some good sprites here so I want a help here ><

I'm not sure if I can mention servers here (hope someone will respond it ) so let's skip it. I want to make a complete job sprite, I made the first image (my first sprite by the way) but now I'm stuck, I need help, comments, points of view and such so I can get ideas >O

Here's what I've made:

The sprite that I want to make is a Jedi, I took Mara Jade as sample, so I want some help to make the other positions and such <3

Thanks in advance, sorry I'm totally new here ><



i like your work but i think a few details would make it look even better! ideas and improvement suggestions:
-when i looked at the original picture..i saw that the shoes have some details at the "top"/"knees"~ maybe you look at the 3rd classes(the most of them have such things on it xD)
-i think the shading at the belly and the pants need some more highlights
and the cape need a dark border..and maybe it should "hang around" like in this picture
-proportional mistake is at the right leg(too just need 1 or 2 more pixel near the knee)

yeah mh....maybe i'll get some more ideas when i'm at home again

i hope that this was a help xD


I'll try to make it better since is the first image I made as sprite; right now I need more help about other positions in the sprite, is quite.. hard Dx

I'll be working in the details you mentioned


oh if you want i will help you with other positions^^ (but i can't promise that i'll make it well XD)


That would be good

I think just with a shadow I can follow it and make the sprites ><

By the way, I began this sprite using the Frankenstein method, archer parts, knight boots, wizard cap and other things Dx.. now it's totally custom <3~


I thought this forum was more active D<

I'm double posting to show the last version of my sprite >|

I'm making the other positions already (actually walking D<) so yeah I called this sprite "theperfectversionofmyfirstsprite" xD



i´m sorry xD when i get my laptop i will try to help you! i hope i will get it soon >x(

oh and it looks better now! gogo <3
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