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the Q&A tread


Hello people, I have created this topic because I am fed up with all those "how can I get [insert here]" treads.

Question 1.) What does Q&A stand for?

Answer: It an abbreviation of "Question and Answer". An alternative name for this tread would be "F.A.Q" which is an abbreviation of "Frequently Asked Questions".

Question 2.) Where can I find Ragnarok Online sprites?

Anwser: [URL][/URL], [URL][/URL] and many others on the internet. You can also look at the stickied tread "Links to other sprites-sites".

Question 3.) Where can I find Ragnarok Online textures?

Answer: At this site; [URL][/URL]

Question 4.) The link doesn't work what must I do?

Answer: Remove the [URL][/URL] if the link still doesn't work then the site has stopped working.

Question 5.) How can I get better image quality?

Answer: Use Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or any other program for better image quality.

Question 6.) Where can I download those programs?

Answer: Use Google or any other search engine and download the programs on virus-free sites.

Question 7.) I need gravity colors where can I find them?

Answer: [URL][/URL] please make sure you give credit to Zeio.

Question 8.) Where can I find Ragnarok Online spriting tutorials?

Answer: At this link [URL][/URL]. EDIT: The link has stopped working!

Question 9.) I want to have a nice looking signature but where can I get/make one?

Answer: At this link; [URL][/URL]. It's in spanish, but it's very easy to use. Scroll down past the jobs and hats (once you choose what you want), the "imagen/avatar" creates an avatar. Then you have "crear una firma" which is the part you want. "Fondo" is the background you want for the signature (note the they ask you to NOT remove the credit of the signature) "fuente" is the font and "nombre o texto" is where you write the message you want in your signature. Once you're done, click "Crear mi firma!" and you have a new signature.

Question 10.) I have made a topic at the forum but I forgot the title and now I can't enter what's going on?

Answer: Make sure you put a title on your topic otherwise you can't enter. Give Simn a PM for help.

Question 11.) Who's Simn?

Answer: Simn is the administrator of this site, he always uploads the sprites of other members whenever he is online.

Question 12.) How does the PM Box system works?

Answer: First you write the name of a Custom RO Sprites Collection member in "Receiver:" otherwise it won't work, then you put a title in "Title" and then you write in "Message" what you want to say or ask to that member.

Question 13.) How does the Upload Pictures system works?

Answer: Put a title in "Title:", then you write in "Description:" what you want to say about your image and then you put your file in "Path".

Question 14.) I have added a few pictures in my Favorites but how am I able to see them?

Answer: Click on your username, you will see your profile, underneath the PM you will see "Favourites". Click "Favorites" and then you will see your favourite pictures.

*breathes* I hope this will help you a lot.

EDIT: Please notify me upon change or refresh through PM!
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Can we get this stickied please?


Agree, Sticky please.


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