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RoSprites Moderators


Where are you?!
Some of this needs some serious moderation!

If you need help, try to get someone new in your team.
It'd be helpful for what is left of RoSprites Community.


Simn we need more moderation and some serious updates >=(
The user has permanently left the site.


ah, i thought it was just me that noticed this place was kinda in Coma..

hope that this place gets back and populair again <3
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i think maybe customRO needs more advertising?
and of course serious updates too, maybe. changing the web layout could help


Although i have been in lurking mode all this time, i have seen a good amount of people that poured a greate deal of detication to this place.
I don't think they deserb such abandoned place.
I think that if Simn can't take care of this site anymore, perhaps he should
leave it to someone that can.
Please Simn, come back =( or atleast give the people that care to keep this place alive a chance.
I think people like Aerandil , emmeline or feiyuen (or the 3 together!) can help revive this greate site.

On other notes, the forum need some upgrades =/ and a clean up
and maybe a subforum for tutorials =3
or chage forums to one with a gallery incorporated?


mh...i'll ask the guys

edit this post when there's a answer


mh...i'll ask the guys

edit this post when there's a answer


well, what we need now are some assistants for Simn, to help him accept those edits and else.

if i may suggest, it would be nice if these people became a moderator :
Sakura200 = she gives critics objectively, and she's often online
Zeio = he has good taste =)
Emmeline = for all of her comments to a lot of edits!
Aerandil = often online and not lazy to give some comments

any candidates?


we need some people that not bossy or online rarely, of course. they'll ruin everything =(


I'm Ok with anyone as long as he/she is active and sees things objectively. We need someone to revive this community.. It's not dead.. its just not as known as it should be.. there is so much spriters out there..


mh nobody is answering....but i'll wait

mh we all know that this page is more dead then alive...i'll get some information about the script for such a thing..maybe we can make a 'reincarnation' (but how i said: i'll wait for an answer from would be rude if i wouldn't do this )


What exactly do you want anyway? I check this site daily to approve sprites that I host on my server, causing me nothing but traffic and thus costing me money.

This page exists for four years now and I don't exactly see anything "dead" around here. People still upload sprites and people still comment on sprites, which is pretty much the purpose of this whole CRSC. But I'm sure technology has advanced since then, and with all this Web 2.0 hype, there should be a gazillion of free gallery scripts that you can use to make your own CRSC without any coding knowledge or anything related.


we are grateful for the things you do (e.g uploading the pictures or just for this page)

well this page is not really dead...but the board is it xD

...causing me nothing but traffic and thus costing me money.

i´m sorry but....if you don't want do to this anymore then give it up...

ich will/wollt nicht unhöflich klingen falls das nun so rüber kam x,x~


All we want is to help you get this community bigger by advertising..
Delete unanswered or useless Forum threads..
And kind of help you evolve this website.
We could work together to make improvements such as "Favorites Of Te Month" or a "See More" Button to the pictures coming in.. Because I feel sometimes we miss some since there can be so many submitted at the same time.. and there is a limited number sown on the main page. Or even in the View Pictures part.. we work out something to have a 'New' shiny thing beside the name to show these people just uploaded new works. These are just ideas, I mean, it is your website, you do what you want with it. =)



I full-agree with Aerandil Post.

Here we go, imo we need:
-A a new template, more attractive and better to navegate on website.
Like Aerandil said: "See more" button is very userful when many picts are uploaded at the same time. Posts with month/day/year are nice too.

Don't need to be a complex script... just a little more "acessible".
And about the template outfit, we can change the banner and buttons.
If you want I can do the banner and the buttons for you.. just add me on MSN:
(If I was good on html-whatever things be sure I'll offer my help to this too... but I'm not D: )

-The Idea of "Favorites Of The Month" sounds cool to improve the quality of the editions that the members upload here.

-Add new ACTIVE moderators to the team;
They help to keep the page refreshed frequently.

Well, this is my opinion... But its your websit...
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