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I know theres a lot of people looking for this.
but i dont know how ot sprite all..i'm just curious as to how you would go by doing it? I'm very interested in it and Pms/Replies to this thread would be greatly appreciateed.

btw: how did you start off by doing sprite animation?


hai tara, never thought you where a creative person

Anyways, you can use multiple programs for it,
personally i prefer Photoshop or Fireworks, because these support frame by frame animations.
These days its allot easyer to make sprite animations, because the RMS character creator shows different frames in different positions.
thus, you can make your character, dye it, dress it up, and make it walk~

just choose your pose, screenshot, paste it in photoshop, select the next pose, repeat.
then, once you have enough poses, cut out the sprites so that you can use it~
its best to keep the selection tool in 1 size, to keep all characters in one place
saves allot of work.

i suggest you google a good tutorial on animating if you dont know allot about it.
it really helps~

PM me on the rebirth forums if you want more help ^^
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Here is a guide for making animated gifs with Fireworks:

It shows only the usage of the options, but clearly if you want to make animated RO chars do the same what yasuri said.
Set frame speed to 12 on the frames panel, thats the usual speed when working with npc animations, monsters, classes.
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