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LHZ Mvp Boss and Mob Using same sprite


im just wondering if the bosses and mobs in lhz use the same sprite?

for example i wanna change the mobs sprite into porings and the mvp into a baphomet..

what should be the best i could do?

thanks in advance


easy just must change the sprite....

so you need your sprite (e.g bapho) and must change the name it is called like the porings sprite(e.g)

if you don't know how to do this:
data file and than you must make a file called ¸ó½ºÅÍ (thats the file for monster sprites) and yeah put your sprite into it XD

(oh and maybe this won't work...but to explain it in english..ohhh...just try it xD)

and if you don´t know the monsters sprite name.....grf tool and look in the file ¸ó½ºÅÍ


but the lhz boss and mobs use the same sprite?
is there a way to make them differ from each other?
e.g. the mobs would appear as porings and the the boss as bapho?
is that possible?
and what files is responsible for calling the sprites?

thank u for your reply...


ah now i know what you mean xD

mh i think you must change sth in the db
i´ll ask my friend..he had a server and will tell me what you have to do

edit: okay yeah you have to change sth in the db...and sth in the client...he said there are many guides in the eathena board


in the db? that would mean i have to edit the server files?

what if i dont have accessto those? sob

hm,, anyway thanks for the replies...i really appreciate them..

i tried changing the mobs sprites into detale but i havent seen yet if the mvp boss would ne different or not..


as far as i know, they use other sprites.
theyre listed (Eremes for example) as _Eremes, Eremes and _Eremes_
im not really sure though
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