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Looking for skill sprites


So, signed up finally due my search for these sprites.
i already have:

but for the animation i am making, i need more skills xD

The animation is about a Professor, Warlock, Ninja and Hunter.
(yes, 2 third classes)

If anybody could help me out, i would really appriciate it :3
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well you can find some effect pics in the grf just need a programm like Grf tool...just google it xD

than you search for effect...and you will find maaaaaany pics and sounds,etc^^


yea thats the problem
on the PC i can use photoshop on, im not allowed to instal RO.
(since its the PC at work, lol)

and at home, my "good" PC died earlyer this month, and the new one doesnt seem to like the GRF extractor :<
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oh well xD i've found this one:

and here are the pics from the eh...grf file

maybe there is something that you can use


Thanks sakura :3

for now, that Rar is help enough~

you rock!
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