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Regarding PServers...


CRSC about PServer players

Since someone uploaded a picture and said he was from a PServer and someone else had complained about that, it is time to post a statement about PServers here.

CRSC is a site that supports people who want to show their selfmade sprites to others. It is not an official site, nor is it related to / hosted by any official site / any official partner site of Gravity Corp..

PServers are not a subject that is being discussed here, since our only aim is to offer players from whichever server to show their selfmade sprites to others. This can in no way be affected by playing on a private or official server, because evern people who do not play RO can make their own sprite edits.

We will not ban users who play on PServers, we will not treat users who play on PServers differently than we treat users who play on official servers.

We want to remind you that we do not wish that any user is being flamed or criticized for a reason that has to do nothing with his sprite edits (e.g. critique is appreciated, especially hints for sprites that have been stolen by other users), and we will delete any comment that contains foul language cause by a comment of any user about PServers.

If PServers disturb your view of Ragnarok Online, please report them to Gravity Corp..

Thanks for your attention,
the CRSC staff
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