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NPC Compatition!


I've been observing all of your work for quite some time now, and there are some amazing spriter out there. It's amazing how you can do such work.

I looked through the forums and saw a few compatitions, but noone seemed to enter. So I had an idea of setting up my own compatition for you. I'll say a description of a npc and you'll make it! Simple!

There will be 3 descriptions and or each one there will be a seperate prize. Each one will be harder and will take more imagination then the other.
1 being hard and 3 being easier.

The winners will get a surprize award, which I will reviel at the end.

The Description:
1. A person with shadow in each step they take, darkness follows behind them, lurking, watching at all times.
2. A person who is reaching high to the stars, and is, in fact, reching to grab a star!
3. A beleiver in magic, rainbows and all beautiful things in the world. Colourful and bright.

PM me your enterys or e-mail me at
Any file type, any size.
I'll be rewarding the winners in a while.

Good luck!
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