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[Request] Tutorial Ragnarok Spriting

I'm not that kind of an experienced spriter, so I don't really know how it works with Ragnarok. I've looked at the sprites and the colors seem different. So if anyone could give me a full color table of what colors are actually used in game and a color table of what colors are not used in the game then it would be alot easier for me to make a sprite some time.
Ofcourse I want would want some tutorials on spriting hair and clothing/armor. Hope I will get something soon.

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Hi! Don't know who asked in this thread, but colourtable is already requested before and i uploaded it.

Check this thread:
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


Yeh ok, but is this the colortable with colors I can use or is this the colortable I can't use...

Pointing to quote:

This is a colortable compiled by Usako. This is the gravity colors what you can't use. Hope it will help when you creating custom sprites =)
If you have photoshop cs 8 or 7 it can REALLY help when you recolor something( Are you listening, Nero?) or creating palettes.

Is that a mistake or not?


Wow sorry for double post...I refreshed and it happened uups


Ofcourse you can use this. I only said that because so many people uploaded bright colored sprites, so they didn't use the RO's official palette and some of their sprites are too colourfull or too dark, you know.
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)
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