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Ragnarok Sever Spriter.


Well!- I used to make sprites before,, and I just started to try to get back into it for there is a new sever opening (Not mine! :3) called StarshineRO and it seems their spriter has quit!- It's a long story,, but it wasn't anyone's fault. :3

I've seen the things alot of you are all making, and they're amazing!- The kind of things you would make for the sever are custom headgears and recoloured headgears and that kind of thing... ^^;;

Really, he admin of the sever is the most awesome person ever,, she's the kindest admin I know!- ^,^;

You'd be treated really well... <3

If you're interested, just add me on MSN or e-mail me at (Which is also the e-mail for MSN)

Thank you!
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