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Fresh news about 3rd jobs


I've got some really fresh news about some of the upcoming 3rd jobs. Forget the fact that Gravity announced 3rd job will be arriving in the first quarter of 2008 and its nearly the end of the year... According to the Gravity PRs conversation Warlock, Mechanic, Archbishop, Rune Knight, Ranger and GX is coming in october 2008, hope they can do it.

Here are some new info about the upcoming classes:

Ranger: they can use either a falcon or a wolf, but not both at the same time. They can use unique skills depending on which option they choose.

Rune Knight: mounts Green Feruses to ride. However, while riding on a Ferus RK cannot use BB and other THQ sword type weapons, only spear type weapons and only spear required skills can be used. Skills that use 'Rune', a type of magic power available to Rune Knights are exclusive to Two-Hand Sword builds.

RK screens:

Royal Guard: able to equip two-handed shields, and have exclusive defensive/offensive skills to use with them.

Mechanic: Do your remember the MagiTech Armors from Final fantasy 6? Mechanic can equip a similar armor to do exclusive skills, but for that, cart needs to be deactivated and so on cart exclusive skills cannot be used while the special armor is equiped.
This is how the armor looks like. Interesting, i say:

Wonder what are you guys and girls thinking about them?
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


Good to see my mechanic is in one piece (whew!), the rest meh. GX and RK um..

Also at least I know what GRAVITY CO. uses to make with there sprites.


oh well....i´m unimpressed

i thaught they would be better....

kay some things are nice but the 3rd form of assa and lk(?) is mad


I agree with you Sakura.
Several Ragnarok user said GX's armor color is ugly (it was orange) and the female RK got dressed sparsely, so they suggested give him a skirt at least.
Anyway, as excepted 3rd jobs won't coming in october unless they finish them to friday, but thats not possible. I think if not everyone satisfied with the 3rd's sprites just work on it more as necessary and after that it can be added to the game.
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


I hope you don't mind if I make a youtube video about the update.
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