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Sprites 0.0


Hey, Im new here and this is probaly been asked but where can I go to get sprites? Give a link please. And I need a RO backgrounds becuase im gonna try to make a RO sprite comic.



And for the background, just make a assassin then use hiding or cloaking and use a screenshot to use the background.

If not then I think I have a link to some rubbish flat ones!


well I dont have an assassin so give me link. :D

I need a new link for sprites everytime I try to make there back transparent it makes some part of there armor transparent aswell.


If you click to the forum button you can see Sticky-s there, which can tell you sitenames for sprites.
Try and get some information from some RO comic author for the background.
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


Just in case you can't find any links any where else...

Love love.
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