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for total noobs:


since the question "how do you do that?" was posted here a lot of times and plenty of posts in the rc-spriteeditthread have the same issue:

spriteediting for dummies

gonna make a german version soon..along with the missing tuts (and a firm description how to get sprites and what to not do with them)


Next time you make an advanced sprite edit (that could be too difficult for noobs,) you might want to put there a step-by-step progress journal.
There are 10 types of people in the world; those who can understand binary code, and those who cannot.


Yeah any maybe for a program that you dont need to download and is only a trial o.o


as vor quves post: yep, though the next edit will be a bit difficult, i'll show the "paste together" and the "make own limbs" on the knight..perheps on the badass sword..
starting today btw..(sorry maron, had enough stress the last days)

for andany: err...again..orr..edit? dont really understand what you mean ^^;>
a program, that i dont need to download..?
i_could_do_everyhing_in_paint...but considering the fact that
recolorizing does not do with paint...
paint doesnt have a grid
paint doesnt know tolerance
paint doesnt..etc etc..

downloading a simple 5mb program (look closer: 100% free, and the best gfxprog you can get for zero ;) ) isnt much of a fuss

as for me, i havent the time to recolorize single pixels by hand..and the fun-factor does suffer extremely, if you have to edit a lousy area for a whole hour in paint, while in you have the thing done in merely 2 minutes :)
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