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elven ears


Hi people :D

I've seen all of your fantastic works.

really good job there xD

I'm posting this topic to ask you

if there is any sites where I can download original ro sprites.

Not just the bmp files. I read the topic right below, and went to both links but they only had bmp files

while I needed the .spr and .act files.

does anybody know where I can get'em please? :(

(The original spr and act files for elven ears?)

thanks for your time on reading this and bye bye :D


mh the easiest way to get these spr/act files is to use a grf tool xD
like this:

with this programm you can get files out of the grf


if you know which item you want (eg elven ears) you can look the name up here



so easy!!

thank you so much I got it :D

thank you~ :D
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