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i see that this is a very interesting site and i like it very much + i am a big fan of Ro

comment to everyone [all of ur sprite are looking amazing they are great]

if its with anyone can u tell me what kind of program would i need to make cool sprite /no

im just new btw

thankies [skylon]

sorry bout the first one i forgot to put a title tis the same message tho


Hi Skylon! Welcome to Custom RO sprites! :)

Yeah, this is a very interestings site for RO fans. We have lots of great faces here and more cool sprites, individual ideas.

I think it is good to use the following programs:
- Photoshop cs 7 - 8
- Macromedia Fireworks
- PaintShop Pro

Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


Haha, welcome to you, Skylon! I'm sure you'll love it here.

It doesn't take much to do sprites; most of the necessary tools can be found free for download from the internet. I use the following:
- MS Paint
- Easy Gif Animator
- GraphicsGale

...though Zeio's list is better by far. I just too cheap to use them.

You'll also either need the .grf files, a GRF builder, and a sprite viewer like SPR Conview...or simply few good websites with sprite sheets already made for you.

Happy editing!
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