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need link for sprite editing plz


plz help me


Chech the Sticky on the top. There you can find some links to other sprite gallery sites, but if you need some tips about making sprites for ingame usage go to Eathena sup board or RUNE or heliumRO forums. These are the most popular sites where everyone talks about RO customization.

Just making a single dot art isn't as difficult as anybody thinks.
I guess you need some tips how to draw sprites like on this site, ehh? You are not the first one who asks about that... and not the last one though.
First you need to start up something to draw and as the time passing by your drawing abilities will improve and you will notice that your works are better and better. Keep drawing and practicing; take a look at off RO sprites to get the feeling what is 'ROish' style. Thats my advice.
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


can u help me what website for make sprite im new here
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