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I am afraid im in need of a GOOD spriter for hire


i opend a new server and already we are growing too fast, i figured i wouldve had enough time to learn how to sprite myself before we got big but i was wrong >.< lemme get the message straight, i want a proffesional grade spriter, not sum guy that does it rarely or knows how to do it, i want it good. i want you to know how to sprite wepons, headgears, char designs, npcs, etc.... this will be a full gm position u can apply by sending me an email at do not reply to me on this site because chances are i wont check here very often. again i stress the fact that we ARE becoming a huge server, we have gone up 300 ranks in one day on most vote sites with many active accounts already(and we only opend the server on march 7 2008, already we have 100+ accounts)

again send an application to my email
after i review ur application and speak to you more one on one we will discuss terms and possibly payment.


I would like to addvise to anyone who's applying for the job (not necesarily for this server, for anyserver),
if you are offered payment, please, ask for atleast part of the payment
before you give the sprites, be careful with your work guys!.

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