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N> help *-*


Hi all <3 my first post in this forum and i already need help q.q

Someone know why, if i save my images with .gif or .jpg format, i got a strange and annoying effect if i use some shadows or light effects. (I use photoshop cs2). I must save my images with .png format! But u know that i cant save animated gif in .png format -.-

Let me show what's happen q.q

This is one of my animated sig .gif format!

Can u see what's happen? I saw an ugly "splash white" where i used the light effect! (If u cant see it, try to post it on a site/forum with black background)

Then i must edit the img without using the light... but it sucks a lot imo!
The img is so much better with light effect Y_Y

Maybe is an option of photoshop cs2? Since 3 month ago i was using photoshop cs... and i dont know is something is changed!

I hope u all understand my knub english XD thanks a lot ^.^



Big big big thanks for your reply, <3 i will try ^^ that's my last resort XD
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