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First step topic for nooBs about this site


making sprites
looking for sprites? here you go
: (the best sprite site)
: (if you're looking for frozen sprites)
: (if you need gravity colors)
: (a guide for spriting)

things that are important
please don't spam other people's gallery and use PM Box how: Put the name of the user at Receiver: the title at Title: and what you wanna write at Message: then send--------------------------------------------------

please do also PUT A TITLE ON YOUR TOPIC for more info you go at my topic

uploading pictures are so easy just make sure you don't do IT TOO MUCH the only thing is you HAVE TO wait (because Simn (the owner of this site) can't be always online) one time is enough ^^

see your favorites pictures: go to your comment (don't to your profile) and go to the boton Favorites and tadaa your favorites pictures.
I hope this topic will help a lot (please Simn make it to a sticky)
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Please,someone Sticky this!
Thanks for the guidelines emmeline
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