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How can i make some custom sprites


I have Photoshot CS3, but i don't have the 1st idea of where 2 start and how 2 go about making sprites.

how would i make then 3d (meaning there is a 360' view of the item/char)

how would i incopertate the sprit into RO itself??

all help is welcomed, thank you.


Read these

You don´t necesarily need photoshop for the making of the sprite, you can use paint the swith to any program that lets you view and modify the
sprite´s pallete.

Only chars have a mesi-360 view (but they have lots of frames, looks at the sprite sheet to understand)

Items,well it depends of the item. If its a hat they it will have multiple angles,weapons and npcs only have 2 angles


hi dude but i think that the sites you give are useless.
cause ite a domain.


yeah , This are domain . But it is pretty easy to Sprite even with Paint

All you need is talent or CS
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