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Need help getting started, Thank you.


First off, could I get the names of some of the programs I need to make these art works with? Thank you very much!


As i said in the other topic you opened. To make such dot arts just download an image editors.

If you want to use it in RO, well... first you need to know how, but this is not the site to talk about. But here is the programs you might need:

Palconv (for recoloring)
RO Palette Tool (to make a .pal file availabe for photoshop)
SPRviewer (.spr viewing :P)
SPRConview (detto)
actOR (best .spr .act .tga modifier)
actOR 2 (greater than the first verion but its good to have=) )
Unbollox (to convert your korean unicode named files to ascii unicode)
GRF Tool (grf extractor ,can't save/load grf rubish, but worth a try)
GRF Builder (recommended)

Maybe this is all you need^^
Of course you have to be aware of how to use them. Rome isn't build in a day. Have a nice time with these xDDD
Title: Numb 1 (given by feiyuen)


thank you very much!


I Just use paint x.x
But for animations i use animation shop 3
Have fun making sprite edits^^


you seriously use just paint? wow now thats skill. any ways thanks this thread helped me. realy paint wow thats cool.
Trying my best to keep sane...
well that dident work


How do I layer things in paint without getting the white box... O_o
I had the same problem trying to make an icon, maybe because it was saved as ico...png is probably better so it keeps its transparency... anyways yea, thanks!


When you select a picture with paint, making a box around it, on the left hand side under the tool selection thingy theres two pictures, click on the bottem pictre and there wont be a white box^^

Hope that helped...
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