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A few questions, and hello :)


I've been going insane looking all over the internet trying to find programs I can use to make: Ragnarok Sprites, Ragnarok animations, battle animations, other things.
Anyways, I came across here and saw your community's art work, very nice. My question is, what program do I use to make these sprites? And what other programs do I need to make them into movies and npcs, anyways... ANY INFO IS Verrrrry appreciated, thanks! I'm pretty sure I know the programs, its just that I would like a set list of the ones that are really good. Thanks!

P.S. Also, info on making gif. 's would be helpful, thanks!


Well... i don't think a few of us using sprite editors to make these dots. We are using programs like, photoshop, paint, fireworks etc.
Its a little complicated to make a sprite working in RO.
I am using fireworks for animated gifs so i can help you with that program if you want to know how to make an animated gif.

1.- Open an image or images
2.- Right click on the image that you want to be the first frame(i suggest duplicate this image)
3.- Choose "make animation" and your image will be a symbol.
4.- Now set the number of frames and the direction to 0. With this the images in your frames will not move.
5.- Now you can see in the right bottom corner the number of the actual frame. Choose the next frame by the buttons on the bottom or open frames menu on the right windows(its below layers, optimize etc).
There is a number besides the frame names in the frame menu: with those numbers you can control the frames speed. (ergo speed up or slowdown the animation)
6.- Paste your images that you want to make an animation with to the following frames.
7.- If you feel its good enough save it with export preview. Choose the format, AnimatedGif and make it alpha transparent.

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