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request monster


hi everybody could some1 make a monster (a unicorn) please.

(Oh yay Simn woud you like if you can delete the topic with no title that i made?)
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Hi emmeline,
I would like to try making one
Which color do you want it, in white?
And which pose do you want?

sorry, if my english is bad XD


Your english is good. White please and the pose hmm I need to think of but that's very nice form you that you want to make it
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Alal can you make a sprite of standing, walking/galoping and his front legs in the air please (i dunno how they say that)
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front legs in the air, you mean just standing on his back legs?
ok, I will try my best^^


I now uploaded the first one, the standing one
I hope you like it
The next one will be the galoping one^^
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