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Commissions or requests?


I've been flicking through this sit for the past little while and must say: the entire lot of you are incredibly talented. I see a fair few entries labelled as requests and was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to whip up two sprites based off of OCs of mine. They would be used both in a signature and in a profile design on an avatar forum called GaiaOnline as well as on the forums of a private server I play on - AeonRO. I am more than willing to pay if it will assure me quality and can offer a full reference of both characters.

I suppose this may not be the best place to ask? -hides-
If so please disregard this?


Haha, wow. I've got a Gaia account AND I play on Aeon (Not as much as ZeRO though. Mostly in the Aeon IRC channel). I'm always up for a challenge, so...PM me if you want.
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Wonderful! I'll drag you around in IRC then!


Hn, I think it's about time I got back to sprite-ing. I'll take up the challenge as well! :D


! Oh that could be lovely! >w<

Err, here's some art of the characters I'd like done. Feel free to have your fun with them by try and keep them looking relatively like in the pictures. I do have more references if you'd like them.

And if it can be worked, I'd adore them being in these costumes. All dressdid up for hallow e'en and all. >w<

Click Here! O:
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