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Skill Spirits


okey i need the spirits form the skills of chars not the moves the chars make but like when i mage do fire bolt i need the bolt spirit ^^ someone know a nice site for it ^^
plzz help ty^^


Yes, I am in the same boat. Does anyone have a good guide for making custom skills? I am waddling through it, and stuck as to what to do next. I know how to do npc's no problem.... but when asked to make custom skill animations, I ran face first into a brick wall!! Anyone have a way to help me and this person above???


hmm yeah here for Linny look at other and pinkwerewolf do you have photoshop? so yes then you can make your own effects, so not then I can't help you =(
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Well making custom skills aren't an easy issue. I haven't know any useable guide about that. All i know that actOR 2, gimp and photoshop is suitable for editing .tga format files, but i never used to work with them. There are some .srt files too but i'm not sure what are these porpuse. Actually i haven't take a look at the whole custom skill creation theme yet - editing an already existed skills animation is blah' - i want to make new skills, but thats the crux of the matter: HOW?-_-
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