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Im new here but i would like to make my own sprite


So how would i do that because I love the style but what do u guys use to get them or make them i would love to know.but with the sites u prvided i don't understand the language so i don't know what to do. Am i able to creat my own or how dose this all work?


Why did you post 2 threads for that question? There surely is another thread called "What graphis softwares fo you use?" -> Link. To that, sprite edits are made out of ingame sprites provided on pages like these, though you might need a WinRAR extrahator theng. Anyway, as soon as you have all the sprites you need you can start cut them together to make neat edits either in Paint, Adobe Photoshop or Elements, XnView and about every other Picture editing program if you know how to handle it properly and as long as you know how to do pixels (without it the sprites wont look very good at all) Now as some people here also upload stuff like not really sprite edits like what could have done simply in a Character Simulator and just put some items and backgrounds on it to make it look as if it were edited, (which i dont really suggest if its not edited at all. Everybody can cut a body and a head together... I for my part dont really like those :x) maybe not upload those... Im not sure how SImn and Naki think about it but i dont really believe them to be sprite edits :o Kay thats it form me hope i helped /ho


Im new too...and i made some before i made this account..
they are mainly of me..or my best friend in the real world...
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