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Typhoon Omi

I hate to post a leech topic, but I'm gettin' desperate.

So, I enjoy spriting; in fact, I made a little comic just a bit ago. My apologies if you need to scroll down quite a bit. XD Also, it is profane, so if you're squeamish - ahr.


I've no problem toying with sprites themselves, nor effects. However, I do have one major roadblock I just can't avoid; actual RO backgrounds. Panels without backgrounds feel .. nn, void. BUT, it's hard to find any good ones available on the net.

I'm also having one problem with RagCam after another [more recent maps especially,] so that's not a reliable tool either for my purposes. There was a topic on here with several backgrounds, but only three of the links worked. ;-;''

Any advice / links, perhaps? Closest thing I've found is a texture site:


Enjoy if that helps any. But anyone aware of sites with town/house backgrounds for use? Thanks in advance.
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