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A Request for a Helpful Person~


Hallo! =D I humbly come to all of you who have pixel-art skills far surpassing my own.. I'ma GM for EvaRO (, which is just starting out, and I've been given the job of making the layouts. XD

So, if anyone is willing to help out, I need RO-sprite versions of Shinji (, Rei (, and Asuka ( from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If anyone's willing to help, please PM me~ I'll love you forevah and I'll make sure to credit you.


hmmm you need them with those cloths? and in wich pose?
i could try the girls, if oyu give me this two informations :3

best wishes Nini

by ~Kirai~


Nini are you going to do it?
If so can i help you?

I could try the guys.
~[]Note[]~I need Poses to do

er.. i tried.. but i dont think im that great at it.. soo.... maybe this will give somone else an idea of how to do it? xD

i dunno. whatever.. xD


Thats actually really great who are you?

[Note]I'm doing Rei. She my favorite char.

NVM my attempt sucks


EleKnight wrote:
Thats actually really great who are you?

[Note]I'm doing Rei. She my favorite char.

Not hard to figure out. right click, properties and look at photobucket username..? XD



double post.. oops =.=


=O! That's good, man! Your signature is really pretty too..xD And thank you, EleKnight~ =D I saw your post on the EvaRO forum~ Your sprites are really pretty, man..=x I'ma email you, too, I s'pose?

And I haven't heard anything else from Nini, but I PMed her back so, I dunno..=o In any case, I'm glad you wanna help! =D And I was just kinda thinking they could be battling a Poring or something like that..xD
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