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need 2 sprite sheets can you help? (Eng&Ger)


a RO friend is feeling really down at the moment so I wanted to try and make him a sprite where my character gives him a hug as cheer up gifty for him. Mostly to let him know I think about you hope you feel better soon.
but he wears a Cute Ribbon and I can't find those is there anyone who could help me with that?
Also looking for Loli Ruri sprite sheet I can't find it anywhere I know there was a site a while ago ... but it's not there anymore or so? or I forgot the URL ... anyway would be very happy if you could help me with these things ^_^
it would be nice to get the ribbon as soon as possible so I can finish the gift for him
(mein gramatik in Deutch ist nicht so gut weil ich halb Deutsch bin und in der Niederlande wohne aber ich kann es schon also wenn du lieber auf Deutsch antwortest kannst du das auch tun)


From that thread:


Good luck in cheering your friend and sorry for the late reply. ^^;

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