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Need help with creating .SPR


For some reason, whenever I'm trying to put a set of sprites into a .spr file with the various encoders out there that are made available, they come out rather awkwardly, meaning that only the ones facing forward will have the correct color, but after that, the colors are changed to different hues then go back to the original (In this case, a recolored succubus sprite).

You guys wouldn't by any chance know what's going on here, do you?

There are over 80 sprites in this packet, but only about 15 of them are correct in color... They are in the right format of being 8-bit bitmaps with a resolution of 96


It's probably how your saving them, sometimes it does that too me use SPR conview, and any 256bmp saving editing program. SPRconview should convert them correctly, hope that help.
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