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How to make AniGIFs?


i just started spriting stuff 2 days ago, and i really want to know how to make anigifs

if someone could tell me what programs i could use and also some tips that i'll probably need, i'd really appreciate it!


There are a ton, though all of the ones I find you have to pay for... easy gif animator for an example.

Just google "gif animator" and search a bit.

If anyone knows any free ones, I'd love to know myself.


I use a free one.

Microsoft GIF animator.

It's pretty basic...and you can't make the best of animations with it...since it has some problem with keeping image frames through transparency...but it can do small animations.


ah thanks guys!, now all i need to do is.... play around with it and learn more >_<


i use image ready.

its a free adobe product.

It comes when you download the trial of photoshop, but since they released photoshop cs3 im not sure if you can still get it.

It works perfectly for making small animations.
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