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Looking for a new spriteartist for my team.


Well, Some of you might know who i am. I make a webcomic about ro using edited sprites. you can find it at :3

Anyways, it started as just something fun and quickly got bigger, and its getting too much, so to speed the updates up abit i was thinking i could get another spriteartist to help me out with the edits.

That person would ofcourse get credited for it and get all the things a teammember gets (full OP in the irc channel, page on the site, moderator on forums, etc)

So, anyone interested?


by watching those, im pretty sure u got an overdose green green right? ;)


Eh? O.o


uhh ok..nevermind..
just looked at some of the strips and some really reminded me of scenes of an anime called green green..thought you got your inspiration from it..


Anime series I guess ^^°
Edit: damn I'm sooo slow -_-°


ive actually never seen it XDD
But now i want to o_o;


Zano wrote:
ive actually never seen it XDD

But now i want to o_o;

I've never seen it, and now I don't want to... D:

Anyway, I can't help you with sprites, but if someone makes a funny flash movie again, I could do the background music maybe.


I want to help =D <3
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Maybe i could help... every now and then o_o Though my strength is more editing clothing and Non anthroic species o,o" But call me if you need me :D


geez..should have known you really need some boob-support ;P
pretty irc is the better choice..


I'm interested in helping you, too. I like your comics and I love to make sprite-edits. ^^
. . .

Apple Tea

i bet you hear that 3 times a day, but i like your comics too.
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Well if you wanna help out, head into #Zano @

If you dont know how to use IRC then tell me and ill help ya.


Don't have IRC. B/
. . .
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