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Hi im new i was wondering if there is any guid to sprite making i really wont to make my own sprites for servers. i need guid to be in english and avoid usign photo shop cause i dont have it. thank u


Oh man they keep on piling up *laughs* the same questions

There is no guides to making them anymore, nor there never was a guide to "How to make edit sprites".
Use art editing programs, make sure there saved 256 bitmap


uhh so theres no guides then umm how do i make them or what paint program do i use i wona make some but dunno how can soemoen tell me the basic steps or do u guys just sit and draw em by scratch


I just cut the sprites out of sprite sheets or open the separate sprites as layers in GIMP...I'm not as good as a lot of people on here though...

I forgot to mention that I had to search for the sprites I took me like...3 months on a dial-up connection...
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it's a small "how to" thing...not complete by the creator though. It has some useful tips on it.


If you search around google there are many other helpful pages that relate to sprite editing. probably not ragnarokish sprite related though..but they help either way.
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