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Hey im new here
i was wondering how u guys make those awesome sprites
can someone giv me a guide like on image ready
not adobe photo shop..cuz it freezes when i use it for sum wierd reason

anyway id really like a guide
thank you so much
and umm could u tell me how this looks..
this is the best sig iv done soo


Your 3-4 years too late dearie.

Cause the guide to making sprites are gone now, only those who were fortunate to read them while they had the chance back then. I did as well AEGIS forums barely has anythign that involves about spriting but ti's how to use ACTor or SPR conview os something.

Eathena ruling of guides have change dramtically all old useless guides are gone caue some assume that "oh well there's enough who read it so forget about it." I wouldn't recomment continually asking about it, I figured it out on my own when no one told me but found the guide on it then it was erase off the forum.

Well I'm sure you don't need to know the rest, go in this thread same as you request.


oo Thank You for telling me


If you meant how to make those sprites we make, it's skills with art. thats all.
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