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We as spriters should set our own course.


{Brung it up again cause I'm awesome} j/k

We started doing contributing to all servers, was wondering why not continue that way? Working for one server is nice and all for exclusive sprites but if you contribute to all they'll just pm you and say "Hey lol I got a good idea why not use that for our server and you can come up with somethign even better, we can help each other to contribute your...own...thing *shifty eyes*"

Would be best instead of making countless crap that people will just wait till a real gravity item will be updated in the game and use that cause it's more good looking.

I mean like make our own personal website or w/e (Did not say to leave this place this is OUR SANCTUARY!!!!!!!!) and help all instead of one thats just my opinon to all new spriters, i started making sprites in 2k4 and I didn't know squat about customs or anything now I do and learning seems kinda...makes you as a tool for that staff or unless you know something they don't know and they are on the same level as you.

Anyways in conclusion (lol), just think about it not being bossy or anything just a suggestion and opinon and stuff.

~ D

Azure Dallas

I agree with that //_^
That would surely be hot and I won't hesitate to take it.

Also, a course about Photoshop and GFX would be cool too.


yeah i just started out a couple days ago spriting, and i have no idea wtf i'm doing XP

i looked up guides and sheets and everything, but a good tutorial on how to get some custom looks, like wings, or new sitting positions, and whatever else would really be GREAT!
hope someone helps us all out
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