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What to do when..


..You got a request which is almost impossible to do?
Lol not exactly, but my friend asked me to do a siggy for him, where would be 21 people in it (his own char + guildmembers). I'm totally out of ideas
Well yeah, it would be easy to make a normal group pic, but it would be so booooring.

Can anyone give me fresh ideas?
Ey, lets rock!



21 people huh...jeez. Well you could animate it so they like come in and join him...n stuff.but that would make it such a big file that he wont be able to use it on most forums. o.O

:P I don't really know how I would do it either. >>;; maybe someone else more creative than me can help you out.


perhaps if he is playing woe.. you coult make a woe def.. there you can see most of the member^^
Remember: Sometimes wishes come true
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