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Recruiting Talanted Spriters

Tired of everything being the same?
Well, so am I!
During the past few months I've been changing private servers like crazy but I couldn't stay in any of them. Why? It's always the same - everything gets dumped on you, thing get easy(and boring after you reach the max level in a few days - and I'm talking about LR servers here too), 'custom' items that are usually just overpowered junk to make their server more interesting. And I've just about had it! I decided to start my own, fully-customized HARD LR server.

About me:
I come from Bulgaria. I started playing RO 6 years ago. I started coding for eAthena private servers 2 years ago. I like challanges and unique things (thus, my idea for this server). I may be a little bossy sometimes, but trust me - I know what I'm doing. If not anything else - I'm atleast a decent project manager. I am also an advanced programmer (and work as such). However, I suck at graphic work - that's why I need help.
My contact information: MSN, Skype and e-mail:

About the server:
Rates: 1/1/1 or something along the lines of that
Maps: None of the current RO maps. I want the server to have new and unique maps.
Quests and items: Most changed, at the start I am going to keep the old items just so we can test how the new ones handle in PvM(e.g. if they are overpowered and such)
Classes: All changed. Unique in every way - both skill and stat wise (with new sprites and quests, of course).
NPCs: Nothing free. No Warp NPC. Reset NPC at a high price. Only basic things in shops.
Level/stats: Max level - 999(might make this a little bit lower, but I want it to be an endless race). Max stats - 800(to allow maxing out more than one stat).
Monsters: All changed. New areas and dungeons with unique structure.
Events and WoE: Weekly WoE. Daily events. PvP and DB maps.
Other information: I want the server to be EXTREMELY hard. And I expect all GMs I recruit will be serious and patient. This whole thing might take weeks, months or more.

Most important - spriters, mappers and a host(not much resources will be needed).

Current Teams:
Scripting[4/5 slots free]:
Job Description: Make new quests, NPCs and work on jobs, skills and monsters with the other scripters.
Kaos - head GM/scripter/administrator

Spriting[9/10 slots free]:
Job Description: Help the scripters by spriting the jobs, doing skill animations and monsters.
Aroil - NPC and weapon sprites

Mapping[10/10 slots free]:
Job Description: One of the hardest things to do. Make new maps. Since the work's gonna start from scratch(you can use existing maps as a base, of course) 2-3 or more mappers will work on the same map together.

The reason the teams are so big is that this will be no easy job. Like I already said, only experienced and serious people will be taken.

Name or nickname:
RO Experience:
eAthena Experence:
Link to done works:
Contact information:

Contact info:


Sorry, the above post was made by me. I forgot to log in.


Hey Wanna help

I can do everything but maps

I making a new class right at this moment

It's a monk & Scholar Fusion

I'm going to make skills for it next

I wanna be a host too


Contact me via MSN or e-mail so we can talk things out.




Sounds interesting...I wish I could help you, but I've got no time to devote... (Cause high school sucks! DX)

I wouldn't mind joining though! =D
"Put on the headphones, fight to the beat! Dropkick your opponent, with your feet!" - Seph-kun Aguraki


Seph-kun wrote:
Sounds interesting...I wish I could help you, but I've got no time to devote... (Cause high school sucks! DX)

I wouldn't mind joining though! =D

Same goes for me


I'll wait for the next train...


what game r these sprites from
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